Titus is the Chairman of The Titus Group (TCGNA), founded in 1990. Titus is an active board member for the company’s US, operations. The company’s experience includes industrial, office and retail development throughout the United States, Canada. Since its inception, TCGNA has developed more than 302 million square feet of space.

John Klim

Director of Operations, Engineering


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Penn State
  • M.B.A. Engineering Management, University of Dallas
  • EXPERIENCE: Over 30 years
  • CERTIFICATIONS/LICENSES: Certified Cost Professional (CCP)
  • Married; Father of Three (3)

John is responsible for all construction planning, engineering oversite and technical direction on the project. 

He is responsible for the coordination and planning phases from concept through final construction punch lists.

J. Michael Lawrence, P.E.

Senior Process Engineer


  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering; University of Texas at Austin, TX
  • EXPERIENCE: Over 30 years
  • CERTIFICATIONS/LICENSES: Texas Professional Engineer License No. 44493
  • Married; Father of Two (2)

Mike is responsible for all process engineering and technical oversight on the project.

He handles the projects from conceptual design and front-end engineering through detail design and construction

Craig Ward, P.E.

Senior Project Manager & Mechanical Engineer

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering; Oklahoma State University
  • EXPERIENCE: Over 30 years
  • CERTIFICATIONS/LICENSES: Texas Professional Engineer License No. 46761
  • Married; Father of Two (2)
Craig is responsible for the execution of the Architectural and Engineering aspects of the project. He handles technical oversight of personnel, drawings and documentation, support. He develops the necessary specifications for mechanical drawing review and approval.

Daryl Boyne

Project Manager & Mechanical Engineer

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering; Texas A&M College Station
  • EXPERIENCE: Over 20 years
  • Married; Father of Two (2)
Daryl is responsible for scheduling, mechanical design, and CAD Engineering Project Manager and project management.

Sam Khoshnoudi, P.E.

Senior Structural Engineer


  • B.S. Civil Engineering; University of Texas at Arlington
  • EXPERIENCE: Over 30 years
  • CERTIFICATIONS/LICENSES: Texas Professional Engineer License No. 62958
  • Married; Father of Two (2)

Sam is responsible for all of the structural design elements of the projects. He coordinates with the Civil Engineers and the Architects to facilitate all aspects of structural engineering.

Roman Sek

Senior Electrical Engineer


  • M.S. Electrical Engineering; Technical University of Warsaw Poland
  • EXPERIENCE: Over 30 years
  • Married: Father of Three (3)

Sam is responsible for all of the structural elements of the project. He coordinates with Civil Engineers and the Architect to facilitate all aspects of structural engineering for the 

Bill Johnson

senior superintendent

As the Senior Superintendent, Bill’s Responsibilities include supervising construction while managing overall project requirements, communicating with subcontractors and field staff to ensure adherence to schedules, plans, and specs, collaborating with the project team to determine project needs, and coordinating with subcontractors on projects. Bill monitors and reports on the progress of the project while supervising the general contractor labor forces. Bill is highly knowledgeable in field engineering quality control, cost control, and safety. Bill coordinates inspections from local authorities seamlessly, provides supervision/oversight to ensure the project and specific tasks are completed within schedule initiatives, implements/monitors safety procedures, plans work activities, conducts weekly meetings, controlling cost, and managing quality control for the entire project.

Kathryn Moon

Executive Assistant


  • Married with 1 Daughter

Kat is a former US Army servicemember. Her primary MOS (military occupational specialty code) was a 27D – Paralegal Specialist. While in this position, she was expected to provide legal/administrative support in all areas of criminal law, international law, civil/administrative law, contract law and fiscal law to assist judges, Judge Advocates and unit commanders with a wide range of legal matters and judicial work. Kat also possessed a secondary MOS of 42A – Human Resources/Administrative specialist.

As an Army Human Resource Specialists she was responsible for performing personnel and administrative functions, and to provide human resources support to all military members, regardless of rank or classification.

During her time in the armed forces, Kat personally led a team responsible for the deployment of more than 20,000 soldiers to serve Operation Iraqi Freedom. Since being out the service, Kat has been in the Environmental Consulting field with an expertise in TDSHS Asbestos Regulations with certifications to include EPA/NESHAP Trained & TDSHS Asbestos Inspector License, EPA/NESHAP trained Asbestos Project Manager, OKDOL Asbestos Inspector License, and experience with TDSHS Mold Regulations as well.

Kat over saw the abatement and demolition of numerous commercial facilities, schools, hospitals, and other various structures. In addition, Kat also possesses her PACE.4 Administrative certification.