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We work closely with various charitable organizations such as Youth World Dallas to assist in providing hope for thousands of children to overcome their circumstances and break the cycle of poverty and crime. At-Risk Youth needs the most help and needs to have opportunities to succeed in life despite their current situations.

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TCGNA is a catalyst for positive change in our community

what we do

Nourishing The Whole Child

We are committed to ensuring that all children can celebrate the holidays and enjoy themselves with the innocence that only a child can have. We believe every child has a God-given place in this world, and we want to help them find it.


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136,850 Meals Served and Counting

We sponsor various Kids Clubs that provide students a safe place to receive help with homework, youth sports and participate in arts and music programs while receiving a hot meal every day.


76,485 meals served by Titus of 100,000


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In South Dallas alone, 90% of the children are on a government lunch program, 70% live where it is unsafe to play outside, and 1 in 4 children are food insecure. That MUST CHANGE, and TCGNA will continue to be that change.

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We provide vital
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Not only do we donate and volunteer with local organizations, but we host various events throughout the year and during holidays with toy and food drives. We sponsor sporting events, activities, and movie nights for children to watch some of their favorite movies while enjoying popcorn with their friends.


Fundraising & Donation Campaign


Fundraising & Donation Campaign


Fundraising & Donation Campaign


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